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this blog from marneta viegas gives an insight to her personal life, behind relax kids.


Books, CDs and classes
to help children relax

Relax Kids encourages children to develop a healthy approach to being alone. Creative visualisation becomes a sanctuary, helping to promote restful sleep and a happy outlook.

Would you like your child to be more confident, positive and imaginative during the day and go to sleep calm, content and relaxed at night? Relax Kids offers a unique system of children's relaxation and personal development that has been used by thousands of parents, teachers, play workers and therapists. Relax Kids has been devised and developed by Marneta Viegas - UKs leading expert in children's relaxation.

All children love fairy stories as they touch something deep inside. Each story reflects our own desire for ultimate love, happiness and truth. As young children we dream of a life full of magic where all our wishes are fulfilled.


Transforming well-loved fairy stories into simple visualisations, gives children (and adults), an opportunity to live that fairytale magic and explore the well of pure and peaceful feelings inside themselves.

Relax Kids is a gentle and fun way of introducing children to the world of meditation and relaxation, so helping them explore their imaginations and their creative talents.